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Schmetz Universal Sewing Machine Needles 5-Pack

Schmetz Universal Sewing Machine Needles 5-Pack

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Needle Size

With a slightly rounded point, these are great general purpose needles for most woven and knitted fabrics and are suitable for all household sewing machine brands. Be sure to choose your sewing machine needle size according to your thread thickness, and the needle type according to fabric application.

Needle system

130/705 H


HAx1 and 15x1 are another name for the Universal Needle system.

Suitable fabrics

Universal for a wide range of fabrics:

  • Brocade, fleece, leather (thin), velvet, seersucker
  • Batiste, chiffon, organdy, organza, taffeta
  • Chambray, terry, linen
  • Crepe, poplin, voile
  • Chenille
  • Cord, felt, jacquard, calico
  • Velour, wool/wool-mix fabric
  • Tulle, viscose, panne velvet, half-linen
  • Lavable, nylon, loden

Available needle sizes

  • NM 60, NM 65, NM 70, NM 75, NM 80, NM 90, NM 100, NM 110, NM 120, NM 130
  • Assorted (2x Size 70, 2x Size 80, 1x Size 90)



Point shape

Slightly rounded point

Color marking

Needle size only

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