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Olfa 60mm RTY-3/DX Ergonomic Rotary Cutter

Olfa 60mm RTY-3/DX Ergonomic Rotary Cutter

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  • Anti-slip grip
  • Curved handle reduces fatigue
  • Squeeze handle activation
  • Self-retracting for safety
  • Cuts up to twelve (12) layers of cotton
  • Pre-loaded with RB60H Endurance Blade
  • For right- and left-handed users. See instructions for how to change assembly for left-hand usage 

Easy to Hold, Safe to Cut

The OLFA 60mm RTY-3/DX Ergonomic Rotary Cutter boasts amazing features to increase performance and ensure safety. This large cutter is ideal for medium to large projects including fleece, wool, leather, and more.

The handle is ergonomically curved to reduce wrist and hand fatigue. The molded grip is cushioned with integrated grooves and an anti-slip grip. The easy-to-squeeze trigger exposes the blade for cutting and self-retracts for safety.

The safety lock allows the blade to be locked in the open position for high-volume cutting or the closed position for safe storage. A quick change of the blade position allows for both right- or left-handed use.

With a pre-loaded OLFA RB60H 60mm Endurance blade that delivers twice the volume of cutting compared to a standard blade. The large 60mm size cut up to twelve (12) layers of cotton fabric in one pass. 

For optimal blade life, pair your OLFA Rotary Cutter with an OLFA Self-Healing Rotary Mat. This system works to protect work surfaces as well as extend the life of the rotary blade. Independent testing confirms that OLFA blades can cut up to 470 more yards of fabric when pair with an OLFA Self-Healing Cutting Mat.

Accepts all OLFA 60mm blades, including 60mm RB60H Endurance Blade and 60mm RB60 Tungsten Steel Rotary Blade.

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