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Olfa 60mm RB60H-1 Endurance Blade, 1 or 2 Pack

Olfa 60mm RB60H-1 Endurance Blade, 1 or 2 Pack

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  • The OLFA 60mm Endurance™ Blades edge lasts twice as long as standard OLFA rotary blades. 
  • Delivers precise cuts on up to twelve layers of cotton fabric 
  • Pair this impressive blade with an OLFA Self-Healing Rotary Mat to keep it working as long as possible. 
  • Fits into any 60mm rotary cutters from OLFA.  

Long-Lasting Strength and Precision 

Whether you're cutting leather, paper, or fabric, this rotary blade consistently gets the job done. Cutting through multiple layers of fabric is like cutting through butter, ensuring that all cuts on each layer are even. Whether you're cutting squares for a quilt or thicker fabrics, the blade you need is the OLFA 60MM RB60H-1.  

(RB60H-1, #1132759)

(RB60H-2, #1139960)

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