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Olfa 45mm RTY-2C/NBL Quick-Change Rotary Cutter, Navy Blue

Olfa 45mm RTY-2C/NBL Quick-Change Rotary Cutter, Navy Blue

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The OLFA RTY-2C/NBL Quick-Change 45mm Rotary Cutter is the best option for quick fabric cutting in all of your sewing, quilting and crafting projects. The popular 45 mm blade is manufactured with tungsten steel for a long-lasting sharp edge. 

  • Increase your productivity by cutting easily through up to 8 layers of cotton fabric at a time. 
  • A comfortable contoured rotary handle featuring anti-slip textured grooves on either side of the handle makes this the best rotary cutter for a safe and secure grip. 
  • Compatible with the OLFA 45mm Standard and Endurance  Rotary Blades, this tool is sure to upgrade your experience working with a variety of textiles. Tackle anything from cotton to paper or leather with confidence and safety. The blade guard extends to cover the sharp edge when the cutter is not in use. Rotary blade changes are easy and fast with the Quick-Change system, allowing the blade to be swapped out at the push of a lever. Lock the new OLFA blade in place in a flash, and continue cutting. 
  • Easily switch between right- and left-handed users.  

OLFA has been the original source for high-quality rotary cutters since 1979, changing the landscape of quilt-making and adding a new and efficient class of tools to the world of garment design and paper crafting. With a lifetime warranty and a cheerful pop of color, the OLFA navy rotary cutter is the ideal quilting and crafting tool. 

As with all OLFA rotary cutters it's recommended for use with an OLFA rotary mat not only to protect your surface, but also to extend the life of your rotary blades.  


(RTY-2C/NBL, #1136835) 

Blade Refill: 45mm Tungsten Steel Rotary Blade - 1, 5, 5, Or 10 Packs

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