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Dritz Mark-B-Gone Washable Marking Pens 2-pack

Dritz Mark-B-Gone Washable Marking Pens 2-pack

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Use the Dritz Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen Combo Pack to draw applique lines, trace weaving sketches or mark quilting and needlecraft designs. This pack contains two water-soluble marking pens in blue and white. These pens are ideal for transferring pattern markings and for marking exact locations of buttons and embellishments in your fabric-based projects. The blue marking pen is used for marking light fabrics and the white one for dark fabrics. Wipe off the markings made by these pens using a damp cloth. For best results, use only on washable fabrics.

  • Item Number: 710
  • For sewing, quilting, crafts and embroidery
  • Perfect for transferring design markings
  • Water soluble ink, remove marks with damp cloth
  • Blue for marking light fabrics, White for marking dark fabrics

Usage Instructions:

Use on projects to be completed within 24 hours. For best results use on washable fabric. Not recommended for dry clean only fabrics. Store pen with cap on and point facing downward.

Always test marking pen on fabric you are using to be sure marks will completely disappear. Some fiber contents, fabric finishes or dyes (red and pink in particular) may not be suitable for use with these pens.

  1. For white pen, apply firm pressure when marking fabric. Marks will disappear when ink dries completely. For blue pen, mark fabric lightly; do not store marked projects for an extended period of time.
  2. To remove marks, rub gently with clean cloth well moistened with plain water.
  3. If marks reappear when fabric dries, repeat removal process.

NOTE: Do not iron over marks or launder before completely removing with plain water. Some laundry products containing sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate may set marks if they are not completely removed before laundering.

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