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410452 Lower Looper for Singer 14U Series

410452 Lower Looper for Singer 14U Series

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Replacement lower looper

Omega Serger Machine Models:
15J103, 303SI

Pfaff Sewing Machine Models:

Singer Serger Machine Models:
14U12, 14U12A, 14U13, 14U234, 14U234B, 14U244, 14U244B, 14U285, 14U285B, 14U286, 14U286B, 14U32, 14U32A, 14U34(14U34B), 14U34A, 14U344, 14U344B, 14U354, 14U354B, 14U44, 14U44B, 14U444, 14U444B, 14U454, 14U454B, 14U46B, 14U52, 14U52A, 14U64, 14U64A, 14U64C, 14U65, 14U65B, 14U85, 14U85B, 569U, PRO4D

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