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410434 Upper Looper for Singer 14U Series

410434 Upper Looper for Singer 14U Series

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Replacement upper looper

Babylock sewing machine models:
BL300, BL5030

Omega Serger Machine Models:
15J103, 303SI

Pfaff sewing machine models:

Simplicity sewing machine models:

Singer sewing machine models:
14SH644, 14SH654 Finishing Touch, 14U12, 14U12A, 14U234, 14U234B, 14U244, 14U244B, 14U286, 14U286B, 14U32, 14U32A, 14U34(14U34B), 14U344, 14U344B, 14U34A, 14U354, 14U354B, 14U44, 14U44B, 14U444, 14U444B, 14U454, 14U454B, 14U46, 14U46B, 14U52, 14U52A, 14U64, 14U64A, 14U64C, 14U65, PRO4D

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